1. High grade stainless steel body hard pressed to protection.
2. Body contours that add beauty and enhance strength. Longest warrantee against manufacturing defects.


1.The pressure cooker should be used for domestic purpose only and in accordance with the instructions given. This warranty does not cover Pressure Cookers used for commercial operations.
2.The warranty does not cover any pressure cooker attended by others,except by the company's authorized service personnel.
3. Replacement of spares such as gasket, safety valve, bakelite handles,screws, weight assembly are not covered under this warranty. These parts require renewal as per BIS standards or require to be changed every six months from the date of purchase, which ever is earlier.
4.The warranty card duly stamped and signed by the dealer along with the cash memo should be preserved and produced with this unit in the event of complaint.
5.Genuine spare parts of MAPLE only must be used at all times.
6.The decision of manufacturer is final in all cases of complaints and the consumer abides with the company's decision.


Read instructions before use to get the best out of your Maple Pressure Cooker

1. Always ensure that the whistle is removed, before opening or closing the pressure cooker.
2. Put a slice of lemon in the water inside the pressure cooker to prevent scaling on the inside of the cooker.
3. Never use hard cleaning material / strong caustic powders, to clean the pressure cooker.
4. Never keep empty pressure cooker on the burner flame.
5. Do not hit the pressure cooker body with any metallic serving item like spoon, spatula, laddle etc.
6. Use only company authorized spares & accessories like safety valve, gasket, vent tube & weight etc.
7. Clean the vent tube regularly.

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